Har ikke funnet Arnesens arvtaker

Det har så langt ikke lykkes NOFs styre å finne generalsekretær Lasse Arnesens arvtaker.

November 24, 2020
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– We have not received any qualified applicants, says federal president Astrid Waaler Kaas to Veivalg.
Whether there will be a new call or whether the board wants to headhunt candidates directly, has not been clarified, but in the meantime Øystein Hildeskor will be appointed general secretary. Hildeskor has had the role of assistant general secretary.

Do not rush

– To what extent is it urgent to get a new Secretary General in place?
– It is not necessarily in a hurry. We were aware that we hardly got any overlap before Lasse Arnesen started in a new job, but we must ensure that Øystein does not have to do two jobs, says the NOF president.
– What are you looking for?
– We are looking for a leader who knows how to work with volunteers. One who can lead strong professionals, says Waaler Kaas and refers to the description in the announcement text.

Some of the requirements

There are, of course, a number of desired points in it. These are some of them: «Inspire and create excitement…» «Responsibility for incorporating vision, values, goals and strategies…» «Development, marketing and sales of orienteering…» «Documented management experience…» «Experience from sports or other voluntary organizations . » «Experience with political advocacy work.» «Experience from organizational building and change management…» «Experience from sponsorship work.»
In addition, characteristics such as «Being unifying, accessible and inclusive» are mentioned.
«Development-oriented and curious» and «good at communicating and motivating for collaboration and collaboration.

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